Just when you think you've got it, a new social media platform launches. Should you be on it? And what's all the buzz you keep hearing about customer relationship management? Or newsletters? How do you keep up?

The good news is you don't need to be - and frankly shouldn't be - on everything. But you do need to be where your customer's are. 

We like to help our clients learn and use as many free platforms as possible! Yes, FREE! So if you'd like to start engaging with your clients, we focus our training in the following areas:

- Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - basic concepts and tools, content calendars, & content management

- Mailchimp - newsletters

- Survey Monkey - surveys and other measurement tools

- Canva & Pixabay - create your own marketing materials with "legal" images 

- Networking - tools of the trade and strategies

- Business Image & Etiquette - how do others really see you and your business?

Training can be delivered one-on-one or in group settings and can be customized. Most sessions are 2-3 hours and may be combined to offer full day sessions. Contact us and share your training needs - if we can't help we'll help you find someone who can!